We Are The Wild Ones


1. Tulips



2. Open Sea



3. Shift 



4. Promised Land



5. Mold



6. Preen



7. River of Time



8. Cimmaron



9. Loaded



10. 13 Moons



11. Pretty Lies



12. My Hound Dog



13. ?







How I wish that you were near
Closer than you appear
Feed the flames when they are weak
Feel the air begin to heat

Tulips for me 
Tulips for you
Love all of me
I'll love all of you

Feed the hunger in your eyes
Toe to toe side by side

Those days were the longest days
Why don't you just stay






Open Sea


You can't move the wind, but you can move your sail
Into a breeze, or into a gale
We plot our course and know that we may stray
Guided by the stars above the bay

Cast into the open sea
The wind will carry me
Everywhere I need to be
Even when I cannot see
The reasons for my pain
That nothing's been in vain
My message will remain
My message will remain

We're all aboard and the anchor's aweigh
To the next port we're underway
I serve my watch a top of the mast
The sea is calm but it won't last

Cool, gray nimbuses are taking form
Take shelter here and weather the storm
Every voyage will fare rough sea
Them rough seas don't worry me









The season comes and the color goes
Storms will pass and things will grow

A pretty lie or the ugly truth
Cold, worn eyes living proof
Blue heron with a gray plume
Gray plume, gray plume, gray plume

They've locked me up in here
Can't remember the year
Thrown the keys away
Checked in extended stay
Stow away or tunnel an out
Stow away or tunnel an out

Picturesque quite the gift
Polarize feel the shift
Harvest time, picked right clean
Still alive, but still it seems
Still it seems, still it seems, still it seems








Promised Land


We're on our way to the Promised Land
All I've got is in my hand
There's nothing left for us to fear
We're packing up and we're leaving here

Here we go to the promised land
Where we'll sow, seeds in hand

By the night and by the day
Travel light and fly away
By the night and by the day
Travel light and fly away

Away, Away, Away, Away

It's been two days and a thousand miles
It was rough but worth the while
The air is clear and the water's warm
I can feel it I've been reborn










All roads ruin but they're not the same
Everyone paves their own lane
Some are rough and some are smooth
Everyone is on the move

You don't have to fit in the mold
The bold will rest next to the old
Blaze a trail if there isn't one
Beat a path if there isn't one
There's not time to fib or to fake
Pry your sleeping eye awake
Be the change you wish to see 
Free the things you wish to free

Our clock is ticking when will it stop?
Round and round like spinning top.
Seize the day before it's done
Everyone is on the run










I preen my feathers and spread my wings
Taking off this ledge
Young fledgling
Use the stars to guide my flight
No wrong turns 
No lefts or rights

Float effortlessly on the thermals above
True liberation, no fear to speak of
Freed from the thoughts that weigh me down
Kundalini rising from root to crown








 River of Time


I see your face where ever I go
And hear your voice when the wind blows
Even though many years have passed
We carved memories set to last

Washed away by the river of time
You're gone and I'm left behind
I built a bridge until when
Our souls meet again
All rivers run into the sea
Of eternity

Up along the river bank
We talked about as we drank
All the good that would come to us
Oh how that would comfort us










We are the wild ones
Free spirits you can't tame
Ride off to the sun
Wind blowing dancing mane

Cimmaron wild and free now
Cimmaron good company
Cimmaron wild and free now
Cimmaron good company

Hooves dig in the sand
Waves crashing on the shore
Roaming sea and land
Lucid dreaming stellar oar









I am the victim and the suspect
There is no bail for me
The law is out of order
Moral absentee

Freedom is not a privilege
I'm born with that right
But justice is needy
It needs me to fight

Truth is my weapon I fire at will
My mouth is loaded and ready to spill
I can forgive but I cannot forget
Silence would be my biggest regret

My body is weak but my voice is strong 
Your day is coming and it won't be long
It's hard to have any mercy
When you didn't have any for me

You didn't have any for me







13 Moons


A moon is a month as the sun is a day
Some are in tune for some we will wait
On cosmic time
On cosmic time

13 moons it's the law of time
28 days and 28 nights
13 moons it's the law of time
28 days and 28 nights

Whatever is above
Is also below
Resistance is futile
The current will flow







Pretty Lies


Don't believe everything that you hear
Truth tailored to your fears
It's hard to know what is real anymore
Is that the ceiling or is it the floor?

This information age
Disinformation age

Pretty lies and the ugly truth
Open eyes we're the sleuths
Making sense and crafting change
Piece by piece and day by day

Don't believe everything that you see
False flag society
Bluebird feather that isn't really blue
That's just how it appears to you









My Hound Dog


My hound dog don't know what taxes are
She loves to chase squirrels in my backyard
Gray, Brown and Black ones too
My hound dog is hardly blue

It's a love so deep it could never end
Always and forever my best friend
Time and distance couldn't keep us apart
We'll always find a way into each others hearts
Nothing could sever the bond I have with you
I'll follow you from this life to a new
My hound dog My hound dog

When I come home she's got a kiss for me
That kiss smells like a mystery
But I love her anyway
Anyway she smells today