I am from Arlington, Virginia and I live in Northern Virginia. I am a songwriter, multi -instrumentalist and visual artist with a passion for social and political justice. I love to read and spend much of my free time researching medicine, history, free energy, mythology and philosophy. I read many books as a kid and began writing poetry when I was a young teenager. I played some drums, violin and clarinet in grade school, started playing acoustic guitar when I was 15 and singing when I was 20. My first performance was busking outside of wal-mart. I have played a few open mics around northern Virginia.  I recorded and produced a demo under the name Vibe Inn a couple years ago.  

As well as singing and playing guitar I enjoy playing piano, percussion, and making binaural beats. My interests are broad and include painting, sculpting, drawing, invention, engineering and design.  

I went vegan for my health in Aug 2015 after having little success with just a vegetarian lifestyle. I married in  Jeremy Oliver in 2012, my partner for the past 10 years and best friend for 15,  and we have a 1 year old daughter named Erin.


- Stef