Thirteen days adrift in the maze
No light until the waxing phase

The sea is rough and the fog is thick
Somewhere in the red sea rift

I do not seek newer lands
Just to see with new eyes
A light that's brighter than a million suns
It warms all of the passers by

New chapter in the captain's log
Found my way outta the fog

A lighthouse ahead guides me ashore
Drop my anchor and grab an oar



Water in the desert

Windfall on the tundra


We landed in the valleys of Ventura
On the greenest grass I have known
There's not much I am sure of
But I would like to call this home

Can we stay in the valleys of Ventura?
In the rays sunlight sonata
Sweetest wine in the summer breeze
Borrowed time you can never appease
Carousel el rota de fortuna
All is well in the valleys of Ventura

Crystal waters flow out from silver springs
We'll bathe for hours in the sun
While overhead swallows sing
You may fly away but you can't run

We will stay a while and rest our heads
Beneath the stars and new moon
I'm glad we landed here instead
To ever leave would be too soon


Don't Worry

Don't worry
Don't worry baby
I'm used to

Weathered smooth
From years of
Don't worry


Here is all the war has leftover
Covered wounds that simply won't heal
Freedom costs such tender soldiers
and these recollections feel so real

Some days the sun forgets to set
We don't need anyone to blame
Other days the sun is just a threat
Flickers are all that remain